Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup: A perfect day for over 40 participants

written by Marialisa Panu / Giuliano Luzzatto
published 09/03/2018

At the head of the individual classes are Momo, Topaz, Magic Carpet Cubed, Grande Horace, SuperNikka and H2O

Porto Cervo, 3 September 2018. The first day of the 29th edition of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup & Maxi 72 Rolex World Championship, organized by YCCS with the support of the IMA and the collaboration of the Title sponsor Rolex, showed the crews over 40 maxi present, Sardinia with its best face, the most suitable for sailing: Mistral between 12 and 16 knots, with some 18-knot gust in some points of the coastal path of about 35 miles that involved three of the six classes. The Mini Maxi of group 1 and 2 had a very similar but slightly shorter course, while for the Maxi 72, which competed in the World Championship, they faced two races to stick on a different race course.

The defending champion boat, Momo, helmed by partner YCCS Dieter Schoen with Marcus Wieser in tactics, immediately placed a double, followed by another member of the Club, Dario Ferrari at the helm of Cannonball with two second places. In third place on the same points the American hulls Lucky and Proteus. Michele Ivaldi, navigator on Momo, summarizes the excellent debut: "We had a perfect day, to be framed, both for our result that speaks for itself and for the perfect conditions, typical of Sardinia, masterly and flat sea! we had a wind from 12 to 16 knots, with some leaps to the right, especially in the second test, ideal and manageable conditions. We made two good starts that gave us the opportunity to 'develop the horses' of our boat.

The Super Maxi category sees in the race the three J-Classes: Topaz, Velsheda and Svea that occupy in order the first three positions followed by the two modern Super Maxi, Viriella by Vittorio Moretti and My Song by Pier Luigi Loro Piana, the fastest in water but penalized in compensated time. Alberto Bolzan - the only Italian sailor to have taken part in the last two VOR, the hardest lap in the world in crew - explains: "Unfortunately, the correct time did not reward the day as it should have, sincerely we were convinced we did a great result because we have sailed very well, but we are very happy with how the group worked, the behavior of the boat and the choices made, we return to the dock with a smile.

In the Wally Class Magic Carpet Cubed has been imposed, clearly the best among the Wallycento. Given the difference in length, the Wallycento soon stretched over the rest of the fleet fighting each other in the path of the La Maddalena Archipelago. Near the finish line we saw a spectacular close battle between the Wally 80 J One and Lyra, the subject of a protest that led to the disqualification of J One, initially in command of the class. Great debut for Lyra's new helmsman, Terry Hui, a Canadian native of Hong Kong.

Among the Maxi was the Southern Wind Grande Orazio of the partner YCCS Massimiliano Florio to have the best in time offset on the fastest yacht of the fleet present in Porto Cervo, Rambler, which closed in second place once corrected the real time. Third place for Inti 3, the Wally 94 of Lauro Buoro.

Intensity and direction were what we expected and this allowed us to race with the right settings. On this first day, the outgoing champion also won the Mini Maxi 2: H2O class, the Vallicelli 80 by Riccardo De Michele with Lorenzo Bodini on tactics won in front of two Swans: 65 ketch Shirlaf and 651 Lunz Am Meer.

Tomorrow the appointment for the crews will be at 9.00 in Piazza Azzurra for the daily weather briefing by Quantum Sails. The regatta resumes at 11.30 with very light and unstable wind forecasts. For the Wally Class there will be tests to stick between the buoys, while all the other classes will be engaged in a coastal race. As usual, when returning from the regattas the crews will meet again at the refreshment offered to them in Piazza Azzurra.

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